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Artistic Skating

$30/month and includes access to all of the following practice times and group classes.  

We do ask that you are able to balance, roll forward, and stop comfortably before joining our skating club. 
If you are still struggling with these skills, we highly recommend that you attend the learn to skate classes on Saturday morning at any Skate City Rink in the Greater Denver Area.

What is S.T.Y.L.E. Skating ?
Skating Together You Learn Excellence

S.T.Y.L.E. Skating is a roller skating platform dedicated to the promotion of unity, discovery, education, personal development, and creativity.

Our skating club is special because we value and utilize S.T.Y.L.E. Skating within our artistic club.

S.T.Y.L.E. Skating Group Class
Focuses on a large variety of skating skills and styles to help you develop individually as a skater.

Artistic Skills Group Class - Focuses on more detailed fundamental skills that transition into all styles of skating.

Private lessons are available to anyone wishing to up their skate game. 

Prices vary per coach and skill level. 

Please reach out to coaches individually for prices and availability. 

Book a private lesson here


  • Weekends: We usually hold artistic practices on Sunday monrings from 7:00-9:30am at all locations.
  • Weekdays: Our weekday schedule varies around private party bookings. Our weekly schedule is posted above and is also sent out to all registered artistic club members every Sunday. If you are not a club member yet and would like to try it out, please reach out to our Artistic Director, Erin Gaber, for the weekly schedule.
  • Erin Gaber: (623) 229-9024 |


  • Forward Marching
  • Forward Scissors
  • Forward Arches
  • T-Position
  • T-Push & T-Stop
  • Toe Push & Toe Stop
  • Push & Roll
  • Cannonball (not required to pass)


  • Backward Marching
  • Backward Scissors
  • Backward Arching
  • Backward Stopping
  • Spread Eagle
  • Transitions forward to backward
  • Transitions backward to forward
  • Forward cross pulls
  • Two foot jump without rotation (not required to pass)


  • Cross in front  •  Cross behind  •  Spirals
  • Sequential crosses  •  Backward stroking
  • Backward cross pulls  •  Seamless transitions  •  Slaloms
  • Outside edges - Forward  •  Inside edges - Forward
  • Outside edges - Backward  •  Inside edges - Backward
  • Power pulls  •  Cross over rhythm  •  Triple touch rhythm 
  • Crab walk  •  Pivots - Forward  •  Pivots - Backwards
  • Crazy Leg - Intro  •  S.T.Y.L.E. dances
  • Heel/Toe manuals  •  Heel manuals  •  Toe manuals
  • Spins - 2 foot  •  Spins - 2 foot into 1 foot  •  Bauer
  • 3 Turn intro  •  3 Turns  •  3 Turn combos
  • 2 foot jump - 1/2 rotation  •  Transition jump  •  Waltz jump
  • Coffin  •  Item combos  •  Shoot the duck war

Erin Gaber - Artistic Director | Head Coach | Club President

Roller Skating History
Erin is a legacy skater born with skating in her genes.  Her mother was a National Champion Skater and competed in the 60’s and 70’s.  When Erin was 4 years old, her mother asked if she wanted to go to the roller skating rink, and the rest was history.  Erin started in Saturday beginner class just like many young skaters.  She had her first competition at the age of 6 and went on to place 2nd at the National Championship her first year competing in 1995.  She competed in all artistic disciplines and enjoyed spending any free time at the rink as well skating the sessions and developing her rhythm and jam skills.  Her competitive skating career helped her develop as a person, travel the world, study under some of the most prestigious roller skating coaches in the world, and experience many different skating cultures.

Erin has been involved in the competitive roller skating industry for over twenty five years. She is the artistic director, head coach, and club president of our artistic team at all our Denver and Colorado Springs Skate City locations.  Erin is also the program lead of our Saturday learn to skate program.  Her expertise within this industry will undoubtedly help  any skater achieve their skating goals.

Why do you love teaching roller skating?
“Roller skating was a huge part of my life and really helped me develop many skills I use in everyday life.  Competitive skating taught me how to set goals, create a plan to achieve them, deal with failures, literally and metaphorically fall down and get back up again, good sportsmanship, focus, determination, discipline, respect, how to push myself to be the best version of myself…. Literally, so many things that made me into the person I am today came from roller skating!  I love seeing the light bulb go off when students “get it” and I love when they see how skating relates to real life.  I love to help grow the flame of passion for skating in my students and I love that it helps them in other aspect of their life as well.”

Competitive roller skating accomplishments & credentials
* 25 years of competitive experience
* 10 x World Team Member
* World Team Captain
* World Medals: 3
* National Medals: 50+
* Regional Medals: 100 +
* USARS Certified Instructor
* USARS C Commission Judge
* SRSTA/AARS Certified Instructor
* Arthur Murray Ballroom Dance Certified Instructor
* AARS Development Team Member
* S.T.Y.L.E. Skating Development Team Lead

Devin Simas

Roller Skating History:
Devin has been involved with roller skating since the age of 2. His first nationals at the age of 8 competing in freestyle. Through the years, he ventured into figures, dance, free dance, and team dance.  He has been extremely successful in many different styles during that time and continues to challenge his skating through S.T.Y.L.E. Skating.  His favorite style and specialty is jam skating (Breakdancing on Skates). 

Why do you love teaching roller skating?
“Roller skating has always been a part of my life.  I love coaching because I want to show people that there is more to roller skating than just skating in circles.  Growing up, I thought it was amazing to see skaters doing crazy jumps and spins.  I also got to see a lot of session skaters do some pretty amazing and exciting footwork while skating.  All these skaters inspired me to become the skater I am today and I hope I can help give skaters the tools to learn and grow as much as they want within roller skating.”

Competitive roller skating accomplishments:

  • Roller skating for 35 years
  • National Placements = 7 
  • Regional placements = 30
  • USARS Record holder of creative free dance: 5x National Champion
  • Northeast USARS Skater of the Year 2018 

Natalia Wyatt

Roller Skating History:
Natalia has 12 years of competitive artistic roller skating experience, competing in local, Regional, and National competitions. She is trained in Freestyle, Inline Freestyle, Figures, Pairs, and Freedance. She traveled to train with international coaches to gain different perspectives to improve her skating expertise.

Why do you love teaching roller skating? 
“I love teaching roller skating because it is such a huge part of my life. Roller skating helped me grow in so many aspects, and I love sharing the craft with others. Being able to share my knowledge with skaters is extremely rewarding. I enjoy helping all levels of skaters achieve their goals, and I love watching my students improve over time.”

Competitive roller skating accomplishments:

  • 12 years of competitive experience
  • National Medals = 10 
  • Regional Medals =18

Michael Jordan

Roller Skating History:
Michael started roller skating as a kid in the mid 1970's at Skate City Academy in Colorado Springs.  He has extensive experience coaching all types of youth sports. He helped many kids prepare for their roller skating birthday parties at Skate City.  

Why do you love teaching roller skating?
“I raised 3 kids into adulthood and have coached hundreds in football, basketball, baseball, skiing, martial arts, dance and more over the last 15yrs, but wishing we would have incorporated roller skating because the joy it brings is priceless. The best feeling in the world is showing someone and watching them evolve. The happiness it brings is unlike any other feeling in the world!”


Roller Skating History:
Mattie is originally from the Chicago area.  She  started skating at nine years old after a friend's birthday party.  She competed in freestyle and figures for eight years.  She also competed in creative for five years and quartet for two years.  After taking a few years off, Mattie has returned to teaching class and skating for fun. 

Why do you love teaching roller skating? 
“There are countless reasons why I love teaching, but nothing beats seeing students have a good time. Whether it be seeing them playing around with friends at practice or getting excited after landing a skill for the first time, it's just great to see someone enjoying skating and knowing you helped them reach their goals.” 

Competitive roller skating accomplishments: 

  • Two-time team USA member for world class quartet
  • Three-time national champion (quartet & loops) and two-0time national medalist (figures & freestyle
  • Two-time Great Lakes regional champion in creative
  • Skater of the year of Illinois 


Roller Skating History:
Collin learned how to skate at the same time he learned to walk thanks to his mother being a skating coach herself. The sport started out as a fun activity to do with his family and evolved into a competitive career. Collin spent years competing against and getting to know skaters from all around the globe and loves sharing everything he has learned. From regional to national to world championships, Collin has experienced it all.

Why do you love teaching roller skating?
I have always enjoyed surrounding myself with others who are excited to learn and try new things. Skating is an activity where I’m constantly meeting people like that and is a world where I'm comfortable sharing my knowledge.”

Competitive roller skating accomplishments: 

  • 25+ Regional Medals
  • 25+ National Medals
  • 3 World Medals (1 Gold, 1 Silver, 1 Bronze)

ThalĂ­a Lupercio

Roller Skating History:
Thalía started her skating journey when she was 22 at Skate World in Springfield Oregon.  She took her little sister skating and signed up for the lessons so she could learn how to skate backwards.  After her first lesson she was hooked!  Skating quickly became a very important part of her life.  She started training to compete, and also started teaching the beginner class at her rink.  She became more and more involved with the artistic skating team.  She developed a huge love for the sport and she knew it was going to be a lifetime commitment.  She has always been very passionate about teaching and found it very rewarding to share her love for skating by sharing it with others. 

Why do you love teaching roller skating?
“It’s in my nature to teach people, and sharing my love for skating gives me a lot of satisfaction.  I believe that everyone is capable of anything they put their mind on, so I try to not only teach skating, but confidence as well.  I get a lot of happiness when I see  skaters go from barely being able to stand on skates, to doing little tricks and having a smile on their face saying: 'I did it!'"

Competitive roller skating accomplishments:

  • Regionals medals = 3


Roller Skating History:
Jared grew up in Aurora, Illinois where he started skating in 1977. Took about 10 years off to raise a family, then started skating again with his family.  Jared has skated all over the country and is familiar with several different styles of skating. 

Why do you love teaching roller skating?
“I consider myself a student of roller skating, still, after 48 years of skating. I'm always learning new techniques, drills, moves, and dances. Skating is a true passion to me and I want to share what makes me happy with our skate community.  My gift is encouraging and motivating. Using these to help our skate community is a blessing for me. My hope and goal is that I can be the same for others.”

Competitive roller skating accomplishments:

  • S.T.Y.L.E Skating Champion - solo and duos


Roller Skating History:
Melody is relatively new to the competitive roller  skating world.  Melody started out in Saturday morning beginner level  “Learn to Skate” class like most skaters,  in the summer of 2021. After  advancing to the intermediate class at Skate City, there was a new opportunity: Artistic roller skating.  From the very first Monday night, she fell in love with the artistry and grace, though she never thought she would become a skating instructor herself.  After working hard to hone her skills in such a short time, she now brings her love of skating to all in “learn to skate” classes and our artistic skating club.  Besides teaching, she has participated in a few local competitions, but would like to progress and compete more, focusing on Roller Dance and Freestyle.

Why do you love teaching roller skating?
“I love teaching skating because I love leaving an impression on every person I encounter through it.  If I can inspire even one person to continue their skating journey after they feel like they've failed, that's all I could ask. Through teaching, I can be that role model and show that if I can do it, coming from right where they are now in class, they can too.”

Competitive roller skating accomplishments:

  • One year of competitive experience