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Stallions Elite Hockey

Skate City Sports selects the most talented hockey players
in our programs to compete nationally, by travelling around
the country to represent our Skate City Hockey Program.

  • For 2021-2022, we will have teams out of Colorado Springs (Stallions South) and teams out of our Denver locations (Stallions North).
  • The Stallions program was initially started in the early 2000s.
  • The primary events the Stallions will be attending are TORHS and State Wars.
  • In order to play at national events, there is a requirement to compete in a regional qualifiers (dates & locations TBD).
  • The program is coached by CJ Yoder, Kevin Dwyer, and Kendall Curtis.
  • Reach out to your local club director for more information on the Stallions Elite travel program.

Questions About Our Stallions Elite Team?

Please contact Kevin  Dwyer at (303) 690-1444.