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Rink Hockey

  • Rink Hockey is a sport designed to be played by men and women along with kids of all ages.
  • No checking is allowed in Rink Hockey.
  • Skating skill and ball handling used combined with strategy.
  • Teams consist of 5 players, 2 defense, 2 forwards and a goalie.
ALL Skate City locations offer "Learn to Play Rink Hockey" programs on Sunday morning, 11:15 A.M. to Noon!
  • Teaching the Rink Hockey Rules
  • How to Skate on Quads
  • Passing & Shooting the Ball
  • Proper Position on the Floor
  • How to Play Goalie


Look into our leagues!

Here at Skate City, we offer numerous leagues for all ages! To play in a league, all athletes are REQUIRED to have the Skate City Sports Rink Hockey Membership and an active NRS Membership. For more information on our leagues, click here!